The new music manifesto by OTEME

Ironic, despairing, sensual,
amusing, ferocious, playful,
almost-symphonic (if there was an orchestra),
dreamlike, theatrical.

Here is THE BODY IN THE DREAM, the new work from OTEME, Observatory of Emerged Lands, almost a divertissement halfway between chamber music, singer-songwriter songs, Rock-In-Opposition, electroacoustic music. What Stravinsky, Messiaen and Feldman would have happily written if they had loved drum’n’bass. What Dylan could still hypothesise if he were interested in the avant-garde of the 1900s. The recurring dream of Johann Sebastian Bach who predicted the arrival of Battisti and Panella.

After the critical success of the two previous CDs (IL GIARDINO DISINCANTATO – Edd Strapontins 2013 and L’AGGUATO, L’ABBANDONO, IL MUTAMENTOMa.Ra.Cash Records 2015), OTEME is back with a complex work, built patiently over two years, between (many) rehearsals and (few) live concerts. The group, solid as usual, involves more than 8 musicians wrestling flutes, voices, percussion, keyboards, guitars, along with an exceptional guest, Antonio Caggiano on the vibraphone, a founding member of the percussion group Ars Ludi and the stage director and performer Rubidori Manshaft, a founding member of the theatre company Officina Orsi.

As in the two previous works, the artistic and musical contexts cross and combine freely, beyond the logic of easy pop markets, but the sound acquires more personal characteristics, becoming what is now a trademark of the OTEME. The lyrics tell of daily life in an amusing and surreal manner, ranging from hermetic poetry to stealing from social media (as in the case of the piece RUBIDOR #1, written from reflections on Facebook by the artist and playwright Rubidori Manshaft). The music starts from the song form and crumbles into a thousand influences of genres and disciplines, in a homogenous whole that belongs neither here nor there.


tavola1CIRCULAR LANDSCAPE by Stefano Giannotti

1. Rubidor #1Preview
2. Il corpo nel sogno (The Body in the Dream) – Preview
3. NegliborPreview
4. Blu marrone (Blue Brown) – Preview
5. Sono invisibile (Invisible) – Preview
6. StrippalePreview
7. Un paradiso con il mal di testa – (A Paradise with a Headache) – Preview
NASCITA DEI FIORI (BIRTH OF THE FLOWERS) – Chamber poem in three movements.
8. Il cimitero delle fate (The Fairy Cemetery) – Preview
9. Di passaggio (Passing) – Preview
10. Prato Fiorito (Fowery Neadow) – Preview
11. Orfeo e Moira (Orpheus and Moira) – Preview
12. Rubidor #2Preview





Valeria Marzocchi: flute, voice
Lorenzo Del Pecchia: clarinet, bass clarinet
Maicol Pucci: trumpet, flugelhorn
Marco Fagioli: bass tuba, trombone, syphon
Stefano Giannotti: voice, electric guitar, farfisa organ, electronics, percussion, harmonica
Emanuela Lari: piano, keyboards, voice
Valentina Cinquini: harp, voice
Riccardo Ienna: percussion
Gabriele Stefani, Edgar Gomez: additional voices
Special Guest Antonio Caggiano: vibraphone on ORFEO E MOIRA and BLUE BROWN.

Written, composed and arranged by Stefano Giannotti between 2016 and 2018, except Rubidor#1, music by Stefano Giannotti, lyrics by Roberta Dori Puddu (Rubidori Manshaft).
Recorded at Jambona Lab and at Stefano Giannotti’s private studio.
Sound engineer: Antonio Castiello, assisted by Aldo De Sanctis
Executive producer: Stefano Giannotti
Art work by Tommaso Tregnaghi and Stefano Giannotti
Translations by Bonnie Eldred

Licensed for Ma.Ra.Cash Records, executive producer: Massimo Orlandini
World distribution: Ma.Ra.Cash Records, via Duse n.6, 27029 Vigevano

You can order the CD on: