Il Giardino Disincantato



Il Giardino Disincantato

CD (Edd Chair 1)
Edd strapontins 2013
Ufficio Stampa: Synpress44
Distribuzione: Ma.Ra.Cash

1. Mattino – Preview
2. Caduta_massi – Preview
3. Dal_recinto – Preview
4. Palude_del_diavolo – Preview
5 – Tema_dei_campi – Preview
6 – Ed_io_non_c’ero – Preview
7 – Dite_a_mia_moglie – Preview
8 – Il_giardino_disincantato – Preview
9 – Sopra_tutto_e_tutti – Preview
10 – Per_mano_conduco_Matilde – Preview
11 – Terre_emerse – Preview

Between singer-songwriter style, Rock In Opposition (RIO) and contemporary music, the sonic studio led by composer Stefano Giannotti releases its debut album. A band “with variable geometries”, innovative and independent from the “rules of the business”, looking for “dry lands”. Special guest Thomas Bloch

“Dry lands are islands, continents we can explore. As we start walking through them, we may find familiar places or weird, unusual ones. Our dry lands are areas in which what happens is not exactly straightforward, at least according to the business. There is creative research, there is a blend. Our observatory is some kind of studio: many of the musicians revolving around it are young and trained in contemporary art in a course that is long, hard but fun.” So Stefano Giannottiintroduces OTEME – Osservatorio sulle Terre Emerse: a studio open to links between various musical and cultural environments distinguished by a common eclecticism and above all by flexibility – and completely independent from the “rules of the business”. Their debut album, Il giardino disincantato (“The Disenchanted Garden”) is a first, full proof of this”

OTEME is a chamber ensemble whose size and composition change according to the song being executed and the language chosen: Il giardino disincantato is abrave and versatile work with several souls. From an art-rock and progressive background to the innovation of classic and contemporary high-end music, from singer-songwriter style to musical theatre to the roughness of Rock In Opposition (RIO). Unusual instruments – componium, teponatzli, glass harmonica (here played by Thomas Bloch who has recorded with Radiohead, Tom Waits, Gorillaz and John Cage amongst others) – irony and surrealism: fromBattisti-Panella to Stravinskji, from King Crimson to John Cage. Giannotti says: “The idea behind Giardino is to create songs that are not immediate, disposable. Nearly all songs seem static, but they move – or the other way around. This is because there is no tonic or dominant note, but each track moves on modal procedures stained by dissonance and sonic oddities.”
by Donato Zoppo / Synpress44 Press Office


In the past few years I have composed little contemporary music, at least in the general sense of the term. Actually, very little. Unless when you say contempo- rary music you don’t mean experimental cinema, singer-songwriter music, con- temporary music itself, performance, theatre, literature, radio-art, avant-garde rock, etc, etc, etc. In fact my idea of contemporary music breaks the division of genres, and most of all, of disciplines. Today, the composer culled (and not should) take a stab at daily noise, information saturation, images, style, non- style, the cows in the country, virtual biology and the ozone hole; and the cloud, in al that, while having fun, discover internal silence.
This is when artistic creations become surfaced lands in the ocean of nothing, observation points of the real, beyond the chaos of the real. Hybrid islands that sometimes lose their primal identity in order to meet again, keep each other company and laugh in happiness.
S.G. 2010/2011

Valeria Marzocchi: flute, voice
Nicola Bimbi: oboe, English horn
Lorenzo Del Pecchia: clarinets
Maicol Pucci: trumpet
Stefano Giannotti: voice, guitars, objects
Emanuela Lari: keyboards, voice
Valentina Cinquini: harp
Gabriele Michetti: bass guitar, double-bass, voice
Matteo Cammisa: percussion

Thomas Bloch: glassharmonica

Catherine Costanza: executive producer (Edd Strapontins), cook

Sound engineers:
Mirco Mencacci, Andrea Ciacchini, Gabriele Guidi
S.A.M. Studio , Lari (Pisa)




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Caduta massi
Terre emerse

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